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About The Cub House Early Learning Center

Our Founder

Owner, Tafta Miller, opened her first Cub House location at the young age of 21 and continues to bring forth the highest level of quality care each day. Early on, Tafta envisioned a world prided on exceptional early education and expertly creates an atmosphere where your child feels safe, happy, and comfortable expressing themselves and learning openly.

Tafta believes each child should receive the love, value, and nurturing they deserve. With a mission to create a haven where your child can grow to their potential emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically, you feel confident knowing your little one is taking the right steps towards their educational journey at The Cub House.

Tafta Miller
Owner / CEO / Founder

Tenured Teachers Skillfully Help Your Little One Excel

Your child’s teachers guide them down a successful path using expert-level strategies, top-tier experience, and 5+ years of tenure. Lead teachers boast their Child Development Associate® (CDA) to help foster your child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

Tenured Teachers Skillfully Help Your Little One Excel

Play-Based, Research-Backed Curricula Accelerate Their Mind

The Frog Street© Curriculum uses research-backed techniques to craft age-appropriate lessons which accelerate your child’s cognitive, creative, and social-emotional development. Through child-led, hands-on lessons they stay engaged and excited with their learning every day.

Science, Tech, Art, & More Open Your Child’s Mind

An exciting program integrates science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) into lessons for daily discoveries. With a diversity of new subjects, your child learns to follow their interests with exciting experiments, solving puzzles, creating crafts, and more.

5000 Sq. Ft. Of Indoor Play, Fun, & More Play!

Your child explores a massive 5000 sq. ft. indoor gym with unlimited opportunity for games, play, and fun with friends. They get their daily dose of exercise, burn excess energy, and build essential gross motor skills for their next steps.

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