Why Choose Us

A Giant Indoor Play Space

A 5000 sq. ft. indoor gross motor room includes climbing structures and spacious areas to build essential gross motor skills.

Outdoor Splash Pad Fun

They cool off in the summer, laugh with friends, and get active in the sun with an exciting outdoor splash pad.

Tenured Teachers & Director

Teachers with 5+ tenure and a director with 10+ years tenure expertly get your child ready for kindergarten.

Research-Backed Curriculum

Teachers use play-based, child-led activities for hands-on early learning that readies them for their next steps.

Daily STEAM Enrichments

Daily science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) activities diversify your child’s knowledge daily.

Instant Teacher Communication

Directly message teachers, get real-time updates, and see daily pictures of your child with your Procare© app.

Thrilling In-House Field Trips

Field trips include museums, the zoo, Delhi Safari, and more to keep them excited and engaged with their learning.

Sparkling Clean Facilities

Daily sanitization and air purifiers work hard each day so your little one shows up to sparkling clean classrooms.

How Old Is Your Child?


0 - 18 Months


18 - 36 Months


3 - 4 Years

Before & After School

5 - 11 Years

Holidays, Breaks, & Camps

4 - 11 Years